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High Valued Art Investments

We believe that Art is an eternal experience and an exceptional store of value. 

For us, Investing in Art is as passionate as it is for the Artist creating it  We are developing a 21st century buying and selling experience amalgamating comprehensive expertise of an Auction House with breakthrough technology for Investing, buying and selling.

With Selenine Art the investor is connected to the most valuable Art Masterpieces sourced from a worldwide network and evaluated by Selenine.

We are committed to ensure that the value of exceptional art is able to be the harbinger of  change. We are committed to contributing some portion of our high-valued sales towards Selenine PurposeFirst™ Investments and worldwide philanthropic endeavours.

S-Badge Valuation 

The world's most trusted Art evaluation platform for global UHNW Investors of Art. We are dedicated to valuation of high-valued and qualitatively notable - Grade-A (Fine) pieces of Art worldwide.


  • Top-League Art Collectors
  • Renowned Museums
  • Artist Residencies  
  • Global Charities 
  • UHNW Investors
  • Family Investors
  • Royal Families

Art Investments & Valuations

Privy & Bespoke Sales

If you're looking for unique, rare & luxury art masterpieces from global artists destined for your revered collection, then we will customise your needs with the finest piece of art in a bespoke and discreet manner

Art Valuations

We value Art and the Heart in it. This is what makes us a league apart when it comes to valuing rare art-pieces and unique specimens from the finest global talent

We value Art only above USD 300,000 benchmark and if your work speaks depth then we will value & ensure that your masterpiece finds a rightful UHNW beholders


Selenine Group will hold bi-annual auctions for third party HNW buyers with our rare collection available for buy & sell opporuntites. Its a unique platform for our best valued works to match noteworthy demand from our exclusive buyers

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