Deconstructing Diabetes

Analytical Approach & Data Driven Strategies+

The Contextual Beginning

Selenine Research Institute is developing critical research data  to identify national demographics and patients at high risk for diabetes. Ongoing research efforts serve to improve disease management and timely treatment of  patients by incorporating data-driven findings on multifaceted themes. These are underlined by principles of allegiance and cross- comparative effectiveness into the maser physician’s decision-making process.

Data Driven Strategies

Diabetes is a disease causing severe and long term morbidity which has increased mortality for over 50% of the global population. Due to delayed occurrence of symptoms, true detection of diabetes is often at later stages of illness progression. In such circumstances, critical screening efforts have to identify those at-high-risk, which is paramount. The algorithms support mechanism suffice early detection of  diabetes in order to prevent further progression.  Selenine Research Institute (SRI) in nexus with  Selenine Healthcare Research (SHR) is committed to develop core research and strong data-driven tools and techniques to provide support for prevention and timely treatment in diabetes care.

Holistic Research Fundamentals

A holistic diabetes case study and data identification research started developing core built in practises using global data on diagnoses, critical lab tests, and diabetes prevention medical techniques - in association with our partner organisations and worldwide medical institutes. This has supported in developing a medical findings database to create a  diabetic patients log sheet across multiple demographics for valid disease analysis.

In order to predict which populations are at a higher risk for severe diabetes we are planning two programme within 2-4 year period and 3-6 year period. This phase will begin without  practitioner care and medical intervention. We are developing a curative and step-approach criteria for  pre-diabetes detection alongside a predictive-risk model incorporating cumulative clinical data gathered from our global medical network of research institutes and hospitals.

It is with these dedicated efforts Selenine Healthcare is reaching out to patients by encouraging them to pursue a strict follow up-routine with their medical care physicians.

Furthermore, we are undertaking a patient monitoring and analysis program across institutes with diagnosed early-stage and severe diabetes, in order to estimate and analyse  for true values of complications, commitment to medically supervised routines, and indicators of cross-comparative impact in-between multiple treatments.

Critical Analysis and Global Impact

We are encouraging strict tracking of patient medical history culminated with individual laboratory data and prescribed medical practises, to enable a full-patient profile and detailed disease report. This has enabled the Selenine Healthcare Research to collaborate many local physicians with global  institutes, start-ups, academic bodies and  industry stakeholders to introduce technologically pronounced and data driven innovative techniques in pre-diabetic prevention, analysis and holistic disease management.


In development within Selenine Healthcare, SHR is an wholly independent and integrated research division conducting critical healthcare research  for medical facilities worldwide and statewide patients and hospitals all across India.

We are driving core research and enabling critical  data into insights and advocating healthcare policy. Through innovative use of deep, detailed data, we improve  healthcare of many affiliated national and global research centres, hospitals and healthcare in collaboration and effective partnership programs.

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