Discovery & Translational Sciences

The Intrinsic Challenge

Working closely with our international healthcare partners and  global programs, we are making constructive efforts towards utilisation of resources for scientific discovery in order to create  practical solutions and explore new possibilities where needed.

Selenine Healthcare Research is currently focusing on drugs, diagnostics, liver research, diabetes and maternal health & child care. In order to constructively translate new discovery and research through Selenine HP+ (Health Priority Programs, we are working to strengthen scientific discovery by making critical interventions through our research before the clinical trials stage, which are both time-consuming and costly late stage solutions.

Through HP+ programs, we are engaging innovative research institutions globally and adjoining them through PurposeFirst™ funding partners.

Advanced Research and Strategic Innovation are critical in improving healthcare services. Our efforts are directed towards developing  tools that can yield significant value for vulnerable segments in our society.

Time Struck Opportunity

We are fostering and backing bold innovation and ideas while identifying critical areas where past research programs have resulted in a high risk of failure inspite of adequate funding.

Our focus on discovery research has increased and led dramatic progress in tackling persistent healthcare  problems. To deconstruct new ways to solve key health problems, we are working together with multilateral health institutions and organisations  to fill in knowledge gaps about the causes of those problems. 

From the beginning of health projects and programs, we are aimed at critical research infusion and development of the following structured eco-system ;

  • Enabling robust development and delivery of  solutions
  • Strategising critical tool testing and research technology
  •  Developing strategies on manners of introduction, applicable usage and determining stakeholder payments and procedures 
  • Promoting cross-discipline collaboration and coordination among health research organisations, institutions, funding agencies and leading global healthcare stakeholders
  • Support and ensure that sustainable solutions are reached in order to have  maximum impact of the greatest possible scale


In development within Selenine Healthcare, SHR (Selenine Healthcare Research) is a wholly independent and integrated research division conducting critical healthcare research  for medical facilities worldwide and statewide patients and hospitals all across India. 

We are driving core research and enabling critical data into insights and advocating global healthcare policy. Through innovative use of deep end critical research data, we improve systems and support  with unique healthcare solutions to many of our affiliated national and global research centres, hospitals and healthcare institutes, through collaboration and effective partnership programs.

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SELENINE HEALTHCARE RESEARCH is the research division of SELENINE HEALTHCARE™ - All Rights Reserved

SELENINE HEALTHCARE RESEARCH is the research division of SELENINE HEALTHCARE™ - All Rights Reserved