Family Offices


Selenine Group is a family to 'Family Offices' and understands the intricacies required to support our UHNW network investors. We understand your need of a wholly outsourced solution when  managing high graded family office investments supporting generational affluence. We support prominent UHNW families, multi family offices and single family offices in strong investments, budgeting, charitable giving, wealth transfer and tax services.

Providing privy advice for Ultra-Wealthy families under a comprehensive wealth management runs in our alma-mater. Our  well-coordinated, collaborative network of exceptional  team of  professionals  across investment,  legal, estate, business and tax disciplines creates a rare and one-stop formula for family offices looking for expanded privy planning, advice and support resources. 



Generations of hard work and accumulated wealth is a collective family resource. During resilient times HNW families are confronted with obstacles in establishing the supremacy of their legacy. This is where our support strengthens your family. We manage your investments in a focussed manner across various sectors and industries with regular checks and balances. We provide safeguard mechanisms from confiscatory estate laws, taxes and complicated family business issues. 


We understand multiple facets of the family’s wealth including the transfer/ management of facilities. Global Investments, expanding estates, management of family trusts, developing philanthropic pursuits and family governance continuity form key considerations to our tailored investment portfolios with which we offer direct support to family office needs.

We also support in educating family members on financial matters and instilling  family values to diminish Inter & Intra-generational conflicts.  Our comprehensive wealth programs  handles smooth family operations, easy wealth transfer plans which are coordinated by our expert network support.


Our global network is the best bet in the market for any family office when it comes to background checks on personal / business elite staff; providing personal security for travel and home; aircraft, yacht management; travel planning and prioritising business affairs.


Preparing Future Generations for Wealth

The future generations  of family offices must be ready for the practical and emotional transfer of wealth. Our guiding   principles remain focussed on preparing family members for this transition.

Our global wealth psychology team is supporting families bridge relations through strong communication, reducing trust gap, developing clarity of vision and purpose among family members across generations.

Be Our Family

If you're a family office  geographically located in Asia, Europe, USA, UK, Russia and Australia and want an elite one-stop shop for investments, legacy planning, and honing your younger generations for the world of tomorrow.

Feel free to connect and be a part of the Selenine family.

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