In a World that is One, there is no scope for biased selection. Here - every life matters.

- Ranaa Sultaan Siingh

Every Life Matters


The Ranaa Foundation, under its philanthropic vision has significantly contributed and made measurable progress toward its goals on greater economic and social inclusiveness in India and the world. 

Selenine Group contributes to critical and positive societal concerns through diverse community engagement initiatives.

The Ranaa Foundation initiatives are planned & led with committed efforts that provide impetus to various philanthropic initiatives of Ranaa Family & Selenine Group. 

Our efforts have already touched the lives of many people in India and internationally across its villages and towns. The Ranaa Foundation is essentially committed towardsimpact based philanthropic pursuits.

Under PurposeFirst™ Philanthropy promoting impact, purpose and large scale societal development form the basic elements. Our focus is also towards  gender equity and Women Demographic upliftment 

We are also committed to make major investments in areas of the society such as healthcare, mental health, basic nutrition, water treatment, childcare, minimum wage programs  to name a few - with direct investment plans that impact the grassroots with a purpose. 

To meet this end, we have some of the most promising projects and local business team managers who are doing revolutionary work in off-grid local communities in India, Africa and Latin America.


Critical Concerns

The Ranaa Foundation initiatives are aimed at continuous philanthropic commitments through incorporating the fast-changing needs of society. We are currently focusing on contributing in the following inclusive areas;

- Maternal Health & Childcare

- Women Protection & Security

- Rural Transformation

- Healthcare

- Poverty Alleviation

- Education

- Sports for Development

- Disaster Response

- Arts, Culture & Heritage 

- Urban Renewal 

To maximize its reach and improve outcomes, The Ranaa Foundation has also established strategic partnerships with organizations that have the technical expertise and experience to undertake various programmes in the identified focus areas of operation.

Impact Matters

Our philanthropic efforts are driven to make a positive impact in the society and are focused on maximum inclusion.

We believe that our efforts must reach where they are needed the most  and impact must be delivered at the grassroots level in order to achieve both economic and social human progress.

The Entrepreneurship Hub



The Ranaa Foundation is working on the development of Women Entrepreneurship in Rural towns and off-grid communities in India and Latin America. We provide local communities in India increased access of products and technologies like mobile and internet connectivity, carbon-free cook-stoves, solar lanterns and clean water panels. 

We are honing local women talent and entrepreneurs to develop, market and expand each service/product in their communities, where profits of running the business are retained by them. 

This not only benefits the women entrepreneurs but also their families in securing financial stability. 

Research shows that women are better stewards of capital – investing 90% of their income back into their families and communities – which translates into greater access to nutritious food, education, healthcare and increased economic activity.