The Next Era of Global Healthcare

True Global Value Chain

SELENINE Healthcare comprises of a strong integrated global healthcare network, where we have collaborations with multiple stakeholders of the industry. These include global stakeholders, policy makers, healthcare service providers, medical facilities and research institutions. We equip them with the best in class healthcare insights so they are able to meet the global challenges impacting the industry. 

We value and rely on strong knowledge based sector acumen to address critical problems, support new entrants into the healthcare industry and expand business value propositions by providing access to new global markets.

Deriving Future Growth 

There is an increased nexus of economic, social and geo-political headwinds creating  a dynamic and increasingly cutting edge marketplace. There have been tremendous advances in technology in the healthcare sector and as we witness many fresh stakeholders navigating fertile market options, it is very vital to support there market needs proportionately. 

There is also an increased vigor with which conventional stakeholders are relying on innovative solutions to scale their growth and operations.

In the structural sector system, new and highly competitive business models and growth strategies are being driven by high-end expert oriented healthcare professionals and service providers. All of which calls for an integrated healthcare system, transparent partnership models and diversification intro alternative sources of investments and funding. 

Selenine Healthcare is committed to supporting greater investments in the healthcare sector. We are focused on improvements in healthcare and overall well-being of individuals around the world. Selenine Healthcare practise is dedicated and driven in its efforts to provide solutions to healthcare challenges, bring accessible innovation into the conventional healthcare industry in order to generate a highly positive impact on society. 



In development within Selenine Healthcare, SHR- Selenine Healthcare Research, is a wholly independent and integrated research division conducting critical healthcare research  developing capabilities for medical facilities worldwide.

We are driving core research and enabling critical data into insights for the purposes of advocating global healthcare policy.

Through innovative use of deep end critical research data, we improve systems and support with unique healthcare solutions.

In our global value chain we have a strong network of  many affiliated national and global research centres, hospitals and healthcare institutes, through collaboration and effective partnership programs.

Exploring Opportunities in Discovery Reseearch


The Intrinsic Challenge

Working closely with our international healthcare partners and  global programs, we are making constructive efforts towards utilisation of resources for scientific discovery in order to create  practical solutions and explore new possibilities where needed.

Selenine Healthcare Research is currently focusing on drugs, diagnostics, liver research, diabetes and maternal health & child care. In order to constructively translate new discovery and research through Selenine HP+ (Health Priority Programs, we are working to strengthen scientific discovery by making critical interventions through our research before the clinical trials stage, which are both time-consuming and costly late stage solutions.

Through HP+ programs, we are engaging innovative research institutions globally and adjoining them through PurposeFirst™ funding partners.

Advanced Research and Strategic Innovation are critical in improving healthcare services. Our efforts are directed towards developing  tools that can yield significant value for vulnerable segments in our society.4

Time Struck Opportunity

We are fostering and backing bold innovation and ideas while identifying critical areas where past research programs have resulted in a high risk of failure inspite of adequate funding.

Our focus on discovery research has increased and led dramatic progress in tackling persistent healthcare problems. To deconstruct new ways to solve key health problems, we are working together with multilateral health institutions and organisations  to fill in knowledge gaps about the causes of those problems. 

From the beginning of health projects and programs, we are aimed at critical research infusion and development of the following structured eco-system ;

  • Enabling robust development and delivery of  solutions
  • Strategising critical tool testing and research technology
  • Developing strategies on manners of introduction, applicable usage and determining stakeholder payments and procedures 
  • Promoting cross-discipline collaboration and coordination among health research organisations, institutions, funding agencies and leading global healthcare stakeholders
  • Support and ensure that sustainable solutions are reached in order to have  maximum impact of the greatest possible scale


The Care Maternity Needs


Extensive Approach & Support Strategies+

Maternal Immunisation in HIV - Infants

Selenine Healthcare Research is developing critical research and analysis of HIV-exposed but uninfected (HEU) infants. We have examined that  infants are at an increased risk of many infectious diseases that can contribute to the high mortality seen among demographic analysis of HEU children.

Maternal immunisation is a very important and  promising strategy to reduce infections in HEU infants. However, our research efforts are aimed at exploring the effect of HIV on the immunogenicity and effectiveness of vaccines given during pregnancy. 

We are underway and developing a nationwide review and collation of available evidence on maternal immunisation among women living with HIV (WLWH) for multiple vaccines recommended, considered, or being investigated for routine or risk-based use during pregnancy. 

SELENINE Maternal Health Priority Program (MHP+)

We have identified that of the 12-14 vaccines that are recommended, only 3 have been investigated in applicable standard in the regulatory framework.

Available evidence also suggests that maternal HIV infection limits the immunogenicity of several vaccines, leaving HEU infants more susceptible to infection during their first few months of life. 

Under our flagship MHP +  (Maternal Health Priority Program) we are estimating appropriate manners of medical network webs (MNW's) across the States in India. This is infused with our global outreach, technical expertise and  partnership support of international hospitals and institutions to further develop  extensive research into India's Medical Ecosystem.

Tackling Abuse in Childbirth Facilities

We are encouraging strict tracking, prevention and redressal of any kind of abuse and disrespect faced during childbirth in any facilities, hospitals or medical institutions. We were faced with a chronic challenge owing to deprived facility care conditions amongst our sample size of government and private maternity centres across our pilot project, across different states in India. 

  • We are underway developing a new mothers record and maternal/patient medical facility record to note any such cases of maternal abuse. 
  • Our focus is to translate our initiatives into positive change in institutional structures and practices required, where a robust framework of accountability is in place. 
  • We are advocating strict changes and implementation  in laws, technical standards and regulatory guidelines to record and have a practical redressal mechanism in  institutions for abuse complaints. 
  • All of this is being incorporated in Selenine Maternal Health Program (MHP)

We are also advocating  the need  towards greater accountability and advances in identifying better concepts, improved methods and deeper understanding of causal drivers of disrespect and abuse. 

Well-placed and stronger medical policies will empower women by creating incentives that reward, and optimal pressures that drive due care. for women who seek institutional care for abuse and disrespect.


Deconstructing Diabetes


Analytical Approach & Data Driven Strategies+

The Contextual Beginning

Selenine Research Institute is developing critical research data  to identify national demographics and patients at high risk for diabetes. Ongoing research efforts serve to improve disease management and timely treatment of  patients by incorporating data-driven findings on multifaceted themes. These are underlined by principles of allegiance and cross- comparative effectiveness into the maser physician’s decision-making process.

Data Driven Strategies

Diabetes is a disease causing severe and long term morbidity which has increased mortality for over 50% of the global population. Due to delayed occurrence of symptoms, true detection of diabetes is often at later stages of illness progression. In such circumstances, critical screening efforts have to identify those at-high-risk, which is paramount.

The algorithms support mechanism suffice early detection of  diabetes in order to prevent further progression.  Selenine Research Institute (SRI) in nexus with  Selenine Healthcare Research (SHR) is committed to develop core research and strong data-driven tools and techniques to provide support for prevention and timely treatment in diabetes care.

Holistic Research Fundamentals

A holistic diabetes case study and data identification research started developing core built in practises using global data on diagnoses, critical lab tests, and diabetes prevention medical techniques - in association with our partner organisations and worldwide medical institutes. 

This has supported in developing a medical findings database to create a diabetic patients log sheet across multiple demographics for valid disease analysis.

In order to predict which populations are at a higher risk for severe diabetes we are planning two programme within 2-4 year period and 3-6 year period. This phase will begin without  practitioner care and medical intervention. 

We are developing a curative and step-approach criteria for  pre-diabetes detection alongside a predictive-risk model incorporating cumulative clinical data gathered from our global medical network of research institutes and hospitals.

It is with these dedicated efforts Selenine Healthcare is reaching out to patients by encouraging them to pursue a strict follow up-routine with their medical care physicians.

Furthermore, we are undertaking a patient monitoring and analysis program across institutes with diagnosed early-stage and severe diabetes, in order to estimate and analyse  for true values of complications, commitment to medically supervised routines, and indicators of cross-comparative impact in-between multiple treatments.

Critical Analysis and Global Impact

We are encouraging strict tracking of patient medical history culminated with individual laboratory data and prescribed medical practises, to enable a full-patient profile and detailed disease report.

 This has enabled the Selenine Healthcare Research to collaborate many local physicians with global  institutes, start-ups, academic bodies and  industry stakeholders to introduce technologically pronounced and data driven innovative techniques in pre-diabetic prevention, analysis and holistic disease management.


We Think. Future