Growth in Real Estate & High Valued Asset Classification

Real estate is one of the most attractive asset classes in capital markets which is able to demonstrate both stability and traditional precedence over other asset classes, especially,  in an uncertain investment scenario.

However, the real estate sector is at a very critical conjuncture in its evolution, where embracing the market change has become  much more than a necessity.

The sector is influenced by a  gradual global shift in the monetary policy, where the demand cycle has changed in a relatively late-cycle property investment market environment. Being a traditional asset class, recent trends have seen a very sharp increase in competition with more and more capital being driven towards the real-estate sector.

As a general trend, there is an overall increase in the capex costs all across the asset class, which has also spread its impact in other classes covering residential, commercial, office space and logistics sector. With the change in real estate market and market disruptions playing a constant undercurrent, there is a vital need for striking a right balance and ensuring an equilibrium momentum for innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability practices in the sector. 

Since real estate continues to drive strong entry of stakeholders, it is growing out to be a highly crowded asset class where there is a growing need to not just diversify, but also  rely increasingly on technology and strong innovation. This can ensure investors that sharp edge in this otherwise highly competitive industry.


Big data, artificial intelligence and  blockchain applications have redefined the asset characteristics and major developments in the real estate sector. It has become critical for traditional stakeholders and new entries alike, to stay up-to date in order to grow in this highly popular asset class. 

While capital continues to remain key in real estate, we are now witnessing many cross-sector stakeholders making a strategic entry into the market employing technology and innovation, both in their investments as well as diversification of portfolios in order to ensure a long term security. 

Real estate is a very strong asset class and will continue to be even in the face of growing competition. While there is huge opportunity for strategic disruptions and new stakeholders to make a strategy entry into the sector.

However, we are of the view that there are some key enablers, which have become indispensable in order to grow such as innovation, strategy based investments,, futuristic business planning and adoption of sustainable & smart technologies are essentially critical to be developed in businesses and investment operations, in order to ensure a strong foundation for future growth. 



SELENINE Infrastructure Investment Portfolio

We support our long term  partners plan, finance, manage and deliver large scale capital projects and build infrastructure opportunities. We combine exceptional  engineering, technology, sector and financial expertise to deliver on capital projects.

Our careful selection of investment opportunities, off the market privy options in real estate, hotels, airports, transportation, commercial spaces, infrastructure projects, railways and sea- ports  supports the best in the industry.


In order to ensure that strong investment options, buying / selling opportunities, M&A routes are available, we not only handpick but also ensure a regular systems and market trends update.

This is available  exclusively to our clients and partners in the Infrastructure & capital projects sector globally.


Infrastructure Capital Projects

SELENINE Capital Projects
is proficient in developing mega infrastructure projects such as IT SEZ Parks, commercial and office buildings, high rise segments, commercial retail spaces, bridges, airports and various projects according to the most advanced and technologically advanced standards and guidelines. We are currently developing and building infrastructure in the following key areas:


We are conducting feasibility studies for key high rise buildings and commercial spaces in India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada & Western Europe.


We have a strong pool of M&A opportunities and concession rights ownership for building and development of key ports in Europe and Middle East. Our investment focus is on key projects in India, Australia & Canada.


We have access to key bridges-projects internationally, capabilities to win successful bidding where necessary. Occasionally, we are able to develop and take undertaking projects for our investors in further  development of business operations.


We support with providing critical smart city solutions like integrated command and control centers, ai and robotics smart  solutions, integrated and sustainable city lighting systems, emergency systems, inter-agency coordination strategies, development of mapping systems and safety surveillance.

SELENINE Capital Projects

We are exploring strong capital projects, globally for investment of Infrastructure fund.

We are developing long term  investment and our investors partner & plan, finance, manage and deliver large scale capital projects and build infrastructure opportunities. 

For that, we combine exceptional  engineering, technology, sector and financial expertise to deliver on capital projects.


Modern Cities are elaborate and complex systems with multiple nuances affecting overall growth & evolution. Larger cities have different functioning mechanisms as compared to smaller ecosystems. They are synonymous with multiple revolving sub systems, all of which have to be inter-connected, in a holistic and an integrated framework system in the modern day city.

The complexity and functioning scale coupled with demographic concentration and density of the modern day cities lead to wide exposure and many sorts of vulnerabilities in the face of disruptive forces.


This also exposes the general functioning to bigger risks and governance failures. It is here that technological advancement to safeguard cities, ensuring preparedness for emergencies, long term sustainability and progressive growth becomes very important.

Smart Technologies ensure that the fundamentals of a modern day city keep evolving with technological advancements and according to need of the hour. 

This is able to solve both macro & micro safeguarding through resilient city functioning. Some key solutions include adopting IoT, disruptive tech, blockchain to develop stronger electrical grids, predictive maintenance, solving commuter delays and traffic management, ensuring zero blackouts and establishing a central technological network



There is an increasing need to have a central framework for information sharing across multiple agencies across the city. Central command control centers, optimized dashboards & monitor mechanisms will be able to increase coordination in a city. 

Application of drones are also increasingly being used for survey, mapping, damage analysis, surveillance, police control and safeguarding the city from external fears. 

Artificial intelligence and robotics will also be able to boost greater connectivity, digitization, aiding police and administration systems. This will suffice for increased boost and support in search and rescue systems. Resilient cities also call for full-proof safeguarding from natural and man-made disasters during resilient times. 

There is zero productivity of investing in infrastructure, technology, planning or innovation, until we are able to plan ahead of time. The modern city needs to be and safeguarded at all times the through adopting smart technology, preparedness of robust governance strategies and greater resilience during natural calamities in order to fight the ills of climate change.

Smart technologies are able to reduce emissions through smart mobility options. Through construction of intelligent buildings and construction management systems we can now also reduce energy consumption very significantly.

For planners, government and city administration the application of big data, efficient climate models, sub-city zone codes or special zone structures is very critical. This will be able to support increased coordination, tackling vulnerabilities and safeguarding the overall city framework.



The adoption of smart technologies can help the cities in multiple ways & avenues harnessing the given capabilities in ensuring fuller utilisation of existing resources and value addition to the modern city eco-system by developing technological innovation hubs and support mechanisms.

Our forward looking investment support ensures the development of innovative, robust and flexible infrastructure systems.Through constructing effective strategies to productively position any existing city's architectural, governance, technological and social ethos, we are enabling robust mechanisms to absorb best technological growth.

We offer customization programs for city models according to the city placement; geographical and demographic loci.

Our resilience solutions are preparing cities for future growth and weather the shocks of both human growth and time.


We are determined to ensure that by harnessing given city resources, we ensure longevity, sustainability and technological absorption in city structure plans.


Infrastructure Portfolio


Our careful selection of investment opportunities, off the market privy options in real estate, hotels, airports, transportation, commercial spaces, infrastructure projects, railways and sea- ports supports the best in the industry.

In order to ensure that strong investment options, buying / selling opportunities, 

M&A routes are available in our privy  deal flow.

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