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Maternal Immunisation in HIV - Infants

Selenine Healthcare Research is developing critical research and analysis of HIV-exposed but uninfected (HEU) infants. We have examined that  infants are at an increased risk of many infectious diseases that can contribute to the high mortality seen among demographic analysis of HEU children. Maternal immunisation is a very important and  promising strategy to reduce infections in HEU infants. However, our research efforts are aimed at exploring the effect of HIV on the immunogenicity and effectiveness of vaccines given during pregnancy. 

We are underway and developing a nationwide review and collation of available evidence on maternal immunisation among women living with HIV (WLWH) for multiple vaccines recommended, considered, or being investigated for routine or risk-based use during pregnancy. 

SELENINE Maternal Health Priority Program ( M-HP+)

We have identified that of the 12-14 vaccines that are recommended, only 3 have been investigated in applicable standard in the regulatory framework.

Available evidence also suggests that maternal HIV infection limits the immunogenicity of several vaccines, leaving HEU infants more susceptible to infection during their first few months of life. 

Under our flagship MHP +  (Maternal Health Priority Program) we are estimating appropriate manners of medical network webs (MNW's) across the States in India. This is infused with our global outreach, technical expertise and  partnership support of international hospitals and institutions to further develop  extensive research into India's Medical Ecosystem.

Tackling Abuse in Childbirth Facilities

We are encouraging strict tracking, prevention and redressal of any kind of abuse and disrespect faced during childbirth in any facilities, hospitals or medical institutions. We were faced with a chronic challenge owing to deprived facility care conditions amongst our sample size of government and private maternity centres across states in India. 

  • We are underway developing a new mothers record and maternal/patient medical facility record to note any such cases of maternal abuse. 
  • Our focus is to translate our initiatives into positive change in institutional structures and practices required, where a robust framework of accountability is in place. 
  • We are advocating strict changes and implementation  in laws, technical standards and regulatory guidelines to record and have a practical redressal mechanism in  institutions for abuse complaints. 
  • All of this is being incorporated in Selenine Maternal Health Program (MHP)

We are also advocating  the need  towards greater accountability and advances in identifying better concepts, improved methods and deeper understanding of causal drivers of disrespect and abuse. 

Well-placed and intentioned medical policies will empower women by creating incentives that reward, and optimal pressures that drive due care. for women who seek institutional care for abuse and disrespect.


In development within Selenine Healthcare, SHR is an wholly independent and integrated research division conducting critical healthcare research  for medical facilities worldwide and statewide patients and hospitals all across India. 

We are driving core research and enabling critical  data into insights and advocating healthcare policy. Through innovative use of deep, detailed data, we improve  healthcare of many affiliated national and global research centres, hospitals and healthcare in collaboration and effective partnership programs.

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SELENINE HEALTH RESEARCH is the research division within SELENINE HEALTHCARE™ - All Rights Reserved

SELENINE HEALTH RESEARCH is the research division within SELENINE HEALTHCARE™ - All Rights Reserved