Opportunity Development

Portfolio Development


Investment Appetite is the first key to development of a customised portfolio. We analyse the path and aptitude of your investments and ensure that focussed transitions are made across markets

High Graded Avenues


We have some of the top notch projects & avenues for Investments worldwide. If you're looking for high graded Moody's / S&P / Finch alike projects - look no more 

Realtime Prospects


We understand the value of time, capital and genuine prospects. While market volatilities and fluctuations stir the investment zone - our desks always ensure realtime investment prospects for you at the click of a finger

Investment Management


We value your existing investments and make sure they find greater future prospects & value as our experts take full care while making sure - your exclusive demands are met smoothly

FDI | Foreign Direct


We understand the value of trust and thats what's important when investing abroad. We are connected at all levels to ensure the the smooth development and execution of FDI in different geopolitical markets 

Investment Queries


We work very closely with International Industry Chambers and Government bodies to meet and connect the dots on any range of client investment related queries

Cross-Sector Asset Management


Government Assets

Explore high valued International Government Assets for Investment and Trade - including some of the most privy and elite avenues only available through SCG partnership of Government(s) geopolitically


Personal | Property Assets

Property Assets form one of the most trusted routes of securing your savings & wealth. With SCG not only is your personal wealth secured - it is also driven towards the best investment avenues across different global markets


Commercial Assets

Whether you are in the mood to explore the market or devour it - your commercial investment needs are met with the most prestigious opportunities -  Airports, High Rise Buildings, Supermarkets, Commercial Office Spaces, Retail & Shopping Hubs etc.