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The Market of Art Investments


While art does have some very interesting diversification benefits, such as having zero correlation with equities and acting as an inflation hedge. At the same time, it can also carry some negative weight due to the price of storage and insurance. This indicates that potential investors must be both liquid and well informed, before making their investment pitches.

Contemporary art stands out as a very lucrative side of the market. With growing / emerging talent and exploration of contemporary traditional markets especially in India. Because this market is relatively large, art investments are increasingly becoming a legitimate alternative asset allocation option for UHNWIs within their portfolios.

Selenine Group as an Alternate Asset | Art Portfolio Manager, is a leading brand name when it comes to covering this segment besides, traditional portfolios for global investors. The Group has also become one of the trendsetters in alternate investments, becoming India's first art focussed investment stakeholder and also covering traditional markets like US, UK and China. S

Since Art has been a concentrated market, with liquidity pools focussing only on key areas. Although collectors and artists represent a diverse global group, 75% of all art transactions occur in just three countries (US, UK and China).

Based on this criteria, art does display a Strong-Asset characteristic, where motivations for purchasing Art can be based on passion, regardless of the price and cost factors.

Original Art works are hybrid assets a major luxury commodity for UHNWI's world-wide.

For representation and analysis purposes, there may be three - identified groups of Art Collectors :

  • Investors: For profit and store of value purposes
  • Traditionalists / Conventionalists: To maintain family heritage, legacy or culture lineage
  • Connoisseurs: For decorative, emotional and passionate motives

The Art market although seeks a high cost and quality of entry, from the Artists point of view, but the same time it promises potentially huge returns. With Contemporary pieces even outperforming equity index benchmarks, over past few decades


The Fine Art Market


The Fine Art market is increasingly becoming a high returns, heavy investments, booming market. With Art prices for unique pieces going high by the passing minute and depending on who owns it, you might never know the painting that you invested in a few years back may have increased manifold times in terms of its value.

Investments in fine art is the future of Alternate Investments for investors across the globe. More so, if you're an avid admirer of Art and understand the value of original ideas, paintings. Genuine and authentic art can be your most precious assets for the future, given you are able to cease the opportunity the market presents to you today.

Therefore, choosing fine art is a very special investment attribute that not many embody. With scores of artists existing around the globe and the possibilIties of art reproduction increasing daily due to lack of apt market knowledge and awareness among the buyers. Chances of running into fickle art and sellers is a major possibility. This is why world class expertise in understanding the industry, choosing the right art pieces and engaging with true/genuine artists globally, is an important piece of the puzzle for any investor in art.


Original Art Works 

The rarity of work for an art-piece is one of the prime indicators of its true intrinsic value. This is when it becomes a physical asset and a genuine store of high value with the beholder. Originality in art is a striking chord and those artworks will be highly valued which emanate directly from artists or sourced by reputable art collectors / museums and sold in auctions. These will always be worth more than a reproduction of the same work.

In market language, a genuine art work which is an 'Original' is different from a 'Giclée', which are either copies or digital impersonations of the original art works. Because many museums and noble art institutions also showcase many giclées of the original pieces, one must note that these will have zero value for any worth of an investment in the future.

Another variant for original art works in the market comes in the form of various prints and posters which are also available, only as copies of the original art works. They may come in the form of large printouts, silkscreens or block prints , but are nowhere near the true value of a genuine original art piece.

Art Portfolio Management

Selenine Group as an Alternate Asset | Art Portfolio Manager, is a leading brand name when it comes to covering this segment besides, traditional portfolios for global investors

The Group has also become one of the trendsetters in alternate investments, becoming India's first art focused investment stakeholder and also covering traditional markets like US, UK and China. 

Since Art has been a concentrated market, with liquidity pools focusing only on key areas. Although collectors and artists represent a diverse global group, 75% of all art transactions occur in just three countries (US, UK and China) 

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High Valued Art Investments

We believe that Art is an eternal experience and an exceptional store of value. 

For us, Investing in Art is as passionate as it is for the Artist creating it  We are developing a 21st century buying and selling experience amalgamating comprehensive expertise of an Auction House with breakthrough technology for Investing, buying and selling.

With Selenine Art the investor is connected to the most valuable Art Masterpieces sourced from a worldwide network and evaluated by Selenine.

We are committed to ensure that the value of exceptional art is able to be the harbinger of  change. We are committed to contributing some portion of our high-valued sales towards Selenine PurposeFirst™ Investments and worldwide philanthropic endeavours.

SARA Global

(Selenine Art Research & Analysis)

The world's most trusted Art evaluation platform for global UHNW Investors of Art. We are dedicated to valuation of high-valued and qualitatively notable - Grade-A (Fine) pieces of Art worldwide.


  • Top-League Art Collectors
  • Renowned Museums
  • Artist Residencies  
  • Global Charities 
  • UHNW Investors
  • Family Investors
  • Royal Families

Selenine Art Research & Analysis

Naked Eye Test


 The real test of genuine and original art pieces is best made by the naked eye. It is often said, that to find the value of an art piece, one must be ready to undo all that they have learned.

 It is a rare yet ironically, simple characteristic, that most notable art collectors, auction houses or art museums collecting and restoring original art behold. 

Original Artist Collection


 Artists across the world who create original art, create individual or multiple prints, numbered and signed by the same artist. 

Depending upon the established value of art, the lower the number of real work prints, ideally one for a high valued art piece, the greater the value of the art is assessed. 

Rarity of Supply


  True measure of a genuine art work is its rarity of market supply, meaning, a low supply of the original limited edition prints are more valuable than ample supply of the produced art by an artist. 

This however, is coupled with other important factors like the significance of the work, and the popularity of the artist. Other exceptions include, suppose an artist produces 10 prints of an original work, the number 4 print can have a greater value as compared to number 6 print or number 10 print

Certificate of Authenticity


 Every genuine artist will ensure that their artwork has a genuine certificate of authenticity from a renowned regulating and ratings agency.

 With Selenine Art,  the valuations include only those artists / artworks which fall above USD300,000 minimum benchmark for art evaluation.  

SARA Global


  Selenine Art Research & Analysis is a leading authentication & valuation service supporting certifications based on global standards with a trusted parameter to gauge the originality on a dedicated tool, or a valuation system which collectively become a regulated part of SARA Global Services

Universally Regulated System


There are many other art works which come from genuine artists stored as a value in major art museums /or in care of prominent art collectors, which may not necessarily have a certificate of authenticity. 

That is one prominent reason to have a universally regulated system, for high valued art investments under a single roof platform being developed by Selenine Group.  

Art Investments & Valuations

Privy & Bespoke Sales

If you're looking for unique, rare & luxury art masterpieces from global artists destined for your revered collection, then we will customise your needs with the finest piece of art in a bespoke and discreet manner

Art Valuations

We value Art and the Heart in it. This is what makes us a league apart when it comes to valuing rare art-pieces and unique specimens from the finest global talent

We value Art only above USD 300,000 benchmark and if your work speaks depth then we will value & ensure that your masterpiece finds a rightful UHNW beholders


Selenine Group will hold bi-annual auctions for third party HNW buyers with our rare collection available for buy & sell opporuntites. Its a unique platform for our best valued works to match noteworthy demand from our exclusive buyers

True Value of Original Art Works

Estimation is the key to an Asset


In the art market, most collectors or lovers of art who buy genuine works refrain from selling their art immediately. Just like regular investments, a genuine artwork becomes an asset which must only be sold at the right platform to the right buyers.

This is where art valuation becomes an important tool for measuring the exact worth of your art. Once you have your art evaluated and have relevant certifications of authenticity in place, the art can then be sold to the right buyers at major Art Auctions worldwide.

The audience at these auctions will generally include prominent art collectors, HNW-UHNW investors, literary leaders, museum managers and even some individual buyers. When a painting is auctioned, it's often because the owner of the work thinks the piece will fetch an attractive and a handsome price.

Auction prices reflect only a small proportion of the art resales made. It is estimated that only 1% of paintings bought are ever resold. This on one hand, reduces the supply of already existing original artworks. On the other hand, market becomes more inclusive for upcoming and fresh artists, whose work can then be valued according to their respective aptitudes.

Nonetheless, art continues to be a long-term investment. 

The art market usually remains stable with high and steady returns during boom. But even during market recession times, it is one asset that can fetch equally strong investments even during recession. While many critics, may argue with this fact, it is truism then, that Art is a beholders luxury asset to a certain extent which is strictly maintained by Selenine Group And even if the markets face a downward spiral, just like gold and diamonds, art too, can be stored for decades to fetch a more attractive price in the future.


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