Infrastructure Capital Projects

SELENINE Capital Projects
is proficient in developing mega infrastructure projects such as IT SEZ Parks, commercial and office buildings, high rise segments, commercial retail spaces, bridges, airports and various projects according to the most advanced and technologically advanced standards and guidelines. We are currently developing and building infrastructure in the following key areas:


We are developing in full fledged developer capability key high rise buildings and commercial spaces in India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada & Western Europe.


We have a strong pool of M&A opportunities and concession rights ownership for building and development of key ports in Europe and Middle East. We are also able to successfully bid for our partner investors in key projects in India, Australia & Canada.


We have access to key bridges-projects internationally, capabilities to win successful bidding where necessary. Occasionally, we are able to develop and take undertaking projects for our second-tier network partners and investors for development operations.


We support with providing critical smart city solutions like integrated command and control centers, ai and robotics smart  solutions, integrated and sustainable city lighting systems, emergency systems, inter-agency coordination strategies, development of mapping systems and safety surveillance.

SELENINE Capital Projects

We have a strong deal flow of available capital projects, globally where we explore partnership possibilities.

For procurement of tenders and development of projects, under the time /lease period or as applicable under the national sector guidelines, we have a special selection wing for shortlisting criteria.

We support our long term  partners plan, finance, manage and deliver large scale capital projects and build infrastructure opportunities. We combine exceptional  engineering, technology, sector and financial expertise to deliver on capital projects.

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Infrastructure Portfolio


Our careful selection of investment opportunities, off the market privy options in real estate, hotels, airports, transportation, commercial spaces, infrastructure projects, railways and sea- ports  supports the best in the industry.

In order to ensure that strong investment options, buying / selling opportunities, 

M&A routes are available in our privy  deal flow.


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