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Transforming Global Investments


We are a trusted partner to many of world's leading Institutional & Individual Investors including Government(s), Investment funds, Royal Offices, Transnational Organisations, Family Offices, Asset Managers, Pension Funds & Retirement systems - worldwide


We support Investments in society at large and development processes worldwide, in areas inclusive of Private Equity, Philanthropic pursuits, Growth Capital, Venture Funding, Alternate Art / Precious Minerals & Impact focused Investments


We handpick our projects based on high valuation, strong growth, fine rankings, strong impact matching our focus sectors and portfolio of investments

S | TRANSFORM Investments

Grade A™ Focus

Driving Global Economic Growth & Development Processes 

E-Quotient™ Focus

Transforming traditional sectors through investing in Disruptive Green Tech'

PurposeFirst™ Focus

Enabling Purpose before Profit through development of social spaces

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S E L E N I N E - A I

High Valued Investments and R&D in Artificial Intelligence

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SELENINE | Newsletter March 2018

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