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Thinking Forward

Think Selenine

BUILD. GROW. SECURE. SOAR The Future is here


Thinking Forward

Think Selenine

Progressive. Global Investments. Enabling Change

Key Strategic Global Investments & Investment Portfolios Worldwide

Transforming Global Investments


We are a trusted global partner to many of world's leading Institutional & Individual Investors including Government(s), Investment funds, MNC's,  Royal Offices, Transnational Organisations, Family Offices, Asset Managers, Pension Funds & Retirement systems - worldwide


We are investing in sectors of the future, society at large and development processes worldwide.


We handpick our projects based on high valuation, strong growth, fine rankings, strong impact matching our focus sectors and portfolio of investments

S | TRANSFORM Investments

Grade A™ Focus

Top League Investments '

Driving Global Economic Growth & Development Processes 

E-Quotient™ Focus

Transforming traditional sectors through investing in Disruptive Green Tech'

PurposeFirst™ Focus

Enabling Purpose before Profit through development of social spaces

The Energy 2020 Agenda


Selenine is increasing its focus on sustainability across the board which comprises our investment processes and key solutions that we offer. 

Environment and sustainability sectors have large pools of untapped data and critical information that has the potential to enhance visibility in identifying key investment risks, geopolitical factors and in order to support generous returns. 

We make and support our network partners in making E' Quotient investment decisions in key energy agendas and green tech solutions worldwide.

S E L E N I N E - A I

High Valued Investments and R&D in Artificial Intelligence


Selenine AI's holistic Investment and Research goal in Artificial Intelligence is committed towards creating technology that allows computers and machines to function in an intelligent manner guided by mutual co-existence with their co-creator or humans. 

We are primarily focused on supporting general problem of (creating) Simulation of Intelligence (SI) through :

  • Re-verification and expert market analysis through deep-end research of it's associated sub-problems. 

  • Investing in AI focus areas, companies and technologies to develop a strong chart of industry growth index

Transforming Women Leadership


We are recognizing women who are transforming world through their exemplary leadership. The proportion of leadership roles being chaired by women have increased three times since 2010 with more and more women in the top leadership roles as CEO's, COO's, CXO's and Senior Board Constitutions.

We have experienced great achievements of individual women leaders, politicians, economists, social scientists, researchers, academicians, thought leaders, mentors and global experts.


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