Beyond Challenges, Risks and Global Complexities


The Energy Challenge


There are significant changes underway in the energy & natural resources sector, with a growing need for organisations and stakeholders to adapt and transform their existing capabilities, in order to grow with the existing opportunities. 

The industry is being transformed by passive growth, where commodity prices are causing disruption within the oil & gas, chemical and mining sectors. The companies are now developing effective strategies to reduce costs for swift accommodation and transition in the changing industry. 

This challenge is to fuel compelling & innovative solutions to remain competitive, ranging from hybrid modes of financing, to robust implementation of technologies such  as AI, Cloud and Robotics. This also highlights the importance of progressive development and reliance on Discovery strategies,  R&D analytics and industry assessments to achieve greater efficiency alongside competitive advantage.

2020 Energy Agenda

Selenine 2020 Energy Agenda, is a full fledged energy outlook of market opportunities across Energy & Natural Resources sectors.

We have a wholly integrated global network of mining specialists and key stakeholders, focused on the practical  solutions to key industry challenges in this sector.

Our solutions include cost reduction, building corporate structures, market assessment R&D, discovery strategies, access to high valued deal-flows and building strong investment portfolios. 

The Era of Radical Transformation


The power and utilities sector is being embraced by radical transformation. With the growth of distributed renewable energy generation, emergence of new digital technologies and diverse array of consumer expectations & demands - we are being driving towards a shift and embracing what we call, the radical energy world order. 

With the rapid need to re-invent, re-think and re-energise - this radical era is transforming things faster than one can think. True growth in the utilities  sector will depend on the comprehensive ability to develop strong capabilities, critical business models and  robust leadership mindsets. Only this will help the industry thrive and companies stay ahead. This needs to be fuelled by rapid agility, collaboration & partnerships with stakeholders having strong experiential acumen and specialisation in the sector.


Progressive Shift

We will work with you to ace this era of rapid disruption, enable growth through tactical business models, leverage on technology and capabilities that will develop your organisation needs to soar, in the radical energy world order.

Stream of Change & Growing Market Aspirations


Change and Growth are two constant factors in the oil and gas industry. While the prices of both oil and gas often fluctuating dramatically and other technical changes, that the industry has to ensure key solutions when facing many transitional challenges and market pressures. 

The fundamental challenge, is the intrinsic volatility in the sector. Major stakeholders and producers need adequate time to address the uncertainties of an over/ under supplied market. There is also a deep need to scale up efforts with the pace and magnitude of transition from traditional energy to non-traditional forms and non-fossil fuel sources. There is a growing demand, which is also a need of the hour to develop resilient strategies and mitigate key industry risks.

It is important that stakeholders must adhere to capital discipline, focus on productivity improvements and build ways to adopt and apply new technological frameworks. In the long term, there is also a vital need to ensure that investment portfolios ensure profitability against low break-even prices and ensure equilibrium on deal fruition.


The Critical Energy Agenda

Energy Support & Network Assessments


We look at industry challenges from our experienced, diverse and highly strategic angles, by utilisng our key resources to develop holistic services, designed to match the ever-changing requirements. Our Oil & Gas network is the best in the industry, infused with essentials of neTECH™ and supports strategic capability development, robust market entry applications, business assessment framework and breakthrough network growth.

Energy Deals

We are developing relationships with major oil & gas stakeholders throughout the globe and across the hydrocarbon value chains across Asia, UK, Russia, China, Europe, America, Gulf and Pacific regions.                       

Our Grade-A portfolio includes  top of the league deal-flows, where our unparalleled M&A experts support transactions from mid-size to large-size deals, inclusive of even the most complex & valued commitments. 

The Investor Demand, Supply Chain Syndrome & Critical Discovery

Mining & Metals sector is undergoing a rapid 'Supply Chain Syndrome'. While investors have an increase in demand and access to the metals, minerals and commodities, market prices continue to  fall alongside shifting margin pressures,

Miners and key stakeholders are facing a stifled and difficult operating environment, with the entire mid-level of the sector crumbling. Factors inclusive of changing regulatory environment, resource nationalism, geopolitical issues and disturbances, are some of the key concerns facing the sector today.

Organisations need to develop strong capabilities in managing their portfolios in such uncertain market conditions and also deliver on promises to shareholders in a robust manner. 

In this changing landscape, there is a vital need for mining companies to be assessed not only on the basis of financial performance, but also on how they manage environmental and social issues. To be successful in this environment, companies need to remain adaptable and flexible to the changing market conditions and increase their focus on social impact and sustainability.


The Technology Perspective

Mining and metals sector is increasingly growing and it has become paramount to utilise full power of technology in order to transform and implement effective business models,  competitive advantage strategies for the long term growth.

In the future, as projected in the Selenine Energy Agenda 2020, it will be vital to make effective use of technology to strategically leverage and find ways to grow, safeguard and enhance business and industry best practises. 

Technology will be a fundamental success factor in driving key stakeholders of the sector forward. It will also become increasingly important to manage and deal with growing concerns and issues like cyber risks, cloud thefts, intellectual property protection as we move ahead. 

Technology is also to be used in forecasting investment analysis, studying in-depth market fluctuations and making technical assessments. In order to meet with such growing demands of the industry, we have narrowed down three essential enablers in the Mining & Metals sector.

 Key Technological Enablers

  • It is essential to develop practical usage strategies in technology to distinguish true & genuine business value as against  possible projections and mere industry trends
  • It is essentially critical to align varied technology solutions in order to reduce effective costs. This will quadruple true business value, thus, strong capabilities based on evident case studies  will provide a structure of simple assessment and systems capability & growth architecture
  • Identifying cyber crimes,  vulnerabilities and data protection will help protect valuable business assets, which will be a vital instrument for the industry in the long run


Building Trust & Transparency

There are many stakeholders struggling to build market value and trust owing to rapidly changing market and sector landscape. Most of the key stakeholders across the industry are highly aware and engaged. 

While there are new entries and savvy companies who are trying to make a mark of disruption in the industry. Business engagements, including buying, selling and acquiring, where cross business interactions become inevitable, there is utmost  demand for transparency based on full background checks.

Industry stakeholders do not hesitate to share their opinions on peer-to-peer industry & social networks in a ultra real-time manner. As such it becomes paramount for any new stakeholder to ensure strong foundations  of their standards with full transparency.

In order to support such demands for trust, we ensure quality checks & balances alongside  assurance services, which offer stakeholders a clear strategy to evaluate any company or business based on recognised parameters. using a single assessment framework and common methods. 

It has also become vital for industry players to ensure growth even on non-financial parameters lie social impact, corporate governance, and sustainable business models to ensure sector commitment and accountability. By ensuring this a certain level of commitment towards the sector is ensured and builds strong reputation and market value for businesses in the long run


Collaborative Growth & Effective Partnerships

There are many new found companies who are entering the mining and metals sector seeking disruption and windfall gains. However, for the traditional, serious and long term  players it becomes critical to innovate, grow, and prioritise constructive deal making and partnership strategies.

Our Energy deal-flows have a privy and strategic industry focus. The quality aids in navigating the diverse field of mining and metals. We only have privy growth opportunities that  are handpicked and deliver on the most valuable strategic objectives of reputable stakeholders.

 To meet our objective, we have strategic relationships that help us identify local and international alliances, M&A opportunities, fuel new ventures and  buy or sell high-valued key assets.

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