The Energy Agenda 2020

The Selenine Climate Change, Energy and Sustainable Agenda 2020 - is a global agenda especially focused on the G7 nations. 

Effective partnerships include working on cutting national carbon emissions by 2020 and supporting enhanced North-North, North-South and South-South dialogue. There is a strong focus on enhanced contributions by the developed countries towards the Green Climate Fund and is focused on bringing together governments, businesses and companies to work together on innovative climate strategies with enhanced funding towards the climate corpus.

In its efforts the first phase, the agenda is currently working on strategic commitments by Germany, France & United Kingdom towards the Green Climate Fund. Partnership models on energy, industry, agriculture, food and water are being developed in the key target nations to enhance cumulative actions and constructive steps towards carbon emissions cutting agenda for 2020.

It is making a strong case for worldwide regulations in the setting up of carbon exchange platforms and circular economy through effective national coordination and planning strategies. 

Sustainable Investments


Sustainability and Investments have long been considered analogous terms, that hardly ever match the desired outcomes for actions committed for obtaining value. True value for investments and sustainability are seen differently across the markets, however, we believe that investors today are no longer in a position to keep both at bay.

This is mainly because environment is increasingly becoming a critical factor that determines growth and profitability for investments in the long run. This reality is true not just for investments that are aimed at sustainability but even if we look closely and understand the various determining factors that shape the total value for long term investments cross-sectorally.

As we study more micro data with sophisticated analysis and shifting societal understanding of sustainability alongside growing awareness of social, environmental and governance factors — all can be prefixed to a company’s long-term growth potential.


Selenine is increasing its focus on sustainability across the board which comprises our investment processes and key solutions that we offer. The sustainable sector and field under consideration, has large pools of untapped data and critical information that has the potential to enhance visibility in identifying key investment risks, geopolitical factors and in order to support generous returns. 

There is also a critical need to assess and provide investors  critical information regarding major pitfalls in the emerging field - due to imperfection of modular data and less traveled profit making strategies. We are advocating and discussing four major thematic drivers that ensure critical transformation in sustainable investing. 

Our aim is focused on creating robust sustainable strategies and optimum portfolios that support profitability and are devoid of any compromises in financial returns. With our strong efforts on innovative research in the field and the amalgamation of sustainable strategies in our traditional investment portfolios, we are certain that the future is both sustainable and with us, in very safe hands.

The Competent Boards Program

The Global Platform to stay on top of demands from stakeholders and tap into the minds of global business leaders

Investors and other stakeholders are increasingly expecting executives and board members to be able to articulate, identify and confidently act upon the most material environmental, social and governance aspects of their businesses.

We are working with global business leaders to develop a professional development program that will allow other leaders to enhance their reputation and create economic value and resiliency for themselves and the organizations they serve. 

We have the world’s most intelligent, experienced, and respected business leaders: chairs, board members, CEOs, Investors and experts across various industries.


CEO & Founder Competent Boards Inc.

Tenets of Sustainable Investing


we focus on intrinsic principles

  • Sustainable becomes mainstream alternative

There is a rapid ascension in the investment charts for assets which are dedicated to sustainable investing and more so in the last four-years. We are witnessing a tremendous surge with great investment fervor in investors to incorporate sustainable strategies and analytical insights into their investments.

 There is also a strong government support, incentives and promotion for sustainable investments in traditional sectors which is coupled with societal and demographic changes and growing needs. We can no longer look at sustainable investments as mere alternatives but rather as mainstream alternatives with huge investment returns 

  • Growth oriented sustainable portfolios

Our strong research and innovation in the field, which relies on critical and tested data, shows that closely administered ESG-focused portfolios have by far exceeded returns in comparison with traditional counterparts, with comparable volatility. 

There is also a wider variety of sustainable investment options with increased quality portfolios which investors are increasingly being driven towards. Both quality and close monitoring through our strong insight analysis is supporting key investments in this sector with great outcomes. 

  • Innovation focus in sustainable investing 

Under our growing research by mouth dedicated investment institute team on collection and analysis of ESG, the incomplete information and data gaps are now fast being rejuvenated. 

We are also focusing on adoption of new technologies and methodologies to support quality assurances and improving sustainability data that impacts long term investments. Since preparing handpicked investment portfolios requires very close inspection, we are committed to increase our reliance on critical innovative data that supports all our major investors in this sector.

  • Investments become sustainable

Due to high volumes of qualitative interest in sustainable investing and deeper reliance on incorporating relevant sustainability insights to understand risks and opportunities associated with investments. Environment, nature and sustainability have now become the foundation for all investments and the spillover is also seen in traditional sectors like Oil&Gas; where strategies to make investments more sustainable are being continually devised. 

There is an integration of investments and sustainability and by the passing day, this amalgamation is becoming increasingly stronger and qualitatively more pronounced which is a great indicator of progress on sustainable initiatives. 


The Low Carbon Economy

With the growing interest in sustainable investing, data providers have increased their efforts in gathering and reporting ESG indicators. Increased regulatory actions and technological innovations are fueling a critical transition to a low-carbon economy with a focus on producing and utilizing greater number of goods and services by dependency on natural resources. This can only be realized by decreasing carbon dioxide dependency and emissions. 

We are structuring and generating clear-transition investment models and strategies which focus on directing global investments & capital towards those companies who are enabling a low carbon economy and can easily transition and navigate this global shift. Our aim is to deliver competitive long-term advantage and financial returns relative to traditional benchmarks.\

By incorporating transition-ready approach we are able to provide better environmental outcomes even in the traditional sectors and in comparison with standard benchmarks. There is a strong focus on adopting clean technology solutions with greater exposure to investors to incorporate and further develop such technologies. 

There is a significant reduction in emissions intensity with this increased exposure which is a very good indicator of growth. We are estimating an increase on sustainable investing portfolios by 30 percent bandwidth and 60 percent bandwidth through reliance of companies and major stakeholders on clean energy solutions in this sector, respectively.

We Think. Green


G - 7 Actions


Selenine Climate Change & Energy Agenda 2020 

This is a global agenda especially focused on the G7 nations. Effective partnerships include working on cutting national carbon emissions by 2020 and supporting enhanced North-North, North-South and South-South dialogue. 

In our efforts, the agenda is currently working on strategic commitments by Germany, France & United Kingdom towards the Green Climate Fund - but the model will be extended to United States and entire Europe by end of 2019 

We believe that our planet is one common universal good.

Protecting and safeguarding it entails preserving those who are vanguards of climate change in our world.

We appreciate the review done by France, Germany & UK in their respective climate  strategies

This will enable many other nations  - come to the forefront in their renovated climate and sustainable strategies, in the wake of urgent climate needs.

It is time to re-evaluate the commitments towards Green Climate Fund by all nations unanimously.


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Helle Bank Jorgenson

"Investors and other stakeholders are increasingly expecting executives and board members to be able to articulate, identify and confidently act upon the most material environmental, social and governance aspects of their businesses."