Grade-A™ Investments

GRADE A ™ Segment

Minimum Benchmark  - $300 Million

This segment includes top of the league, handpicked projects and elite Investment avenues based on strong valuation & high investment grades. Suited to match both the masters of industry & investment. Selenine is committed to secure and pitch privy league, top-notch a investments  constituting majority of its projects in sectors including Real Estate, Hotels, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Oil&Gas, Aerospace,  AI, Renewable Energy and Transportation.

As a trusted partner to many of world's top institutional & individual investors including investment funds, royal offices, transnational organisations, family businesses and retirement systems. Selenine aims to invest in society at large and development processes worldwide. The group is supporting global investments - in areas inclusive of Private Equity, Growth Capital, Impact Investments & Venture Funding.

PurposeFirst™ Investments

Selenine Investments are essentially committed towards philanthropic and impact based investments. Under PurposeFirst™ Investments promoting impact, purpose and  large scale societal development form the basic elements. Our focus is also towards gender equity and Women Demographic Upliftment through investments under PurposeFirst™ segment.

We are also committed to make major investments in areas of the society such as healthcare, basic nutrition, water treatment, childcare, minimum wage programs  to name a few - with direct investment plans that impact the grassroots with a purpose. To meet this end, we have some of the most promising projects and local business team managers who are doing revolutionary work in off-grid local communities in Africa, India and Latin America.


Selenine is working on the development of Women Entrepreneurship in Rural towns and off-grid communities in India and Latin America. By introducing individual investors for increased access to products and technologies like mobile and internet connectivity, carbon-free cookstoves, solar lanterns and clean water panels. Selenine is honing local women talent and entrepreneurs to develop, market and expand each service/product in their communities, where profits of running the business are retained by them. This not only benefits the women entrepreneurs but also their families in securing financial stability. 

Research shows that women are better stewards of capital – investing 90% of their income back into their families and communities – which translates into greater access to nutritious food, education, healthcare and increased economic activity.

E-Quotient™ Investments

Under E-Quotient™ segment the major emphasis is on investments in Renewable Energy and Environment Sustainability.This also comprises fuller utilisation of resources, implementation of productive methodologies to reduce leakages with minimum environmental burden and maximum investment returns.

The focus is to refine conventional sectors of the industry by imbibing breakthrough utilisation of disruptive green technologies. It is also aimed at consolidating the traditional sectors by supporting in getting rid of industry malpractices which cause ecological damage and replace harmful practises with technology or green alternatives.

Selenine is committed in supporting those projects in sectors like mining, transportation, agriculture, infrastructure where investing in disruptive green technologies can lead to profitable business models based on good returns and strong environmental impact.

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