The Era of Digital Expansionism


Digital Communications

We  are working support  telecom clients  to optimize and execute value-delivering digital strategies which can robustly guide in  deployment of expert technology that can help their delivery operations, critical efficiency and application utilization.

The Selenine Telecom Digital team brings to the forefront key & strategic advisory solutions, amplified with deep-end research and culminated with IT and digital expertise. This provides internal technology teams with customized, objective technology-strategy and consulting services. We work closely with telecom clients who are facing new business challenges that place high demand on future digital capabilities.

Our consultants help CTOs and CIOs with major investment decisions that affect their company's performance. Our expertise and insights, developed through serving telecom operators, give us a rich understanding of the dynamic nature of the digital and technology landscape and the complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value and impact.

The net effect for our clients is significant improvement in their overall digital performance and return on investment, along with a decrease in total cost of ownership.

Our strategic advice helps clients:

  • develop comprehensive digital strategies and governance models
  • design road map for future IT architecture
  • implement a lean approach in applications development and maintenance (ADM), as well as in IT infrastructure
  • perform digital capability-gap analyses to ensure seamless service delivery
  • conduct objective cost and performance analyses of service delivery models—from on-site, to outsourced
  • apply best practices in demand management


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